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Welcome to Milford Food Bank

We are a Food Bank in Milford, Indiana, dedicated to providing local food pantries with access to warehouse foods for distribution in their local communities. We collect food in bulk and redistribute it to food pantries throughout Northern Indiana. Our mission is simply to provide food to those who are food insecure through partnerships with food pantries in their own communities.


God has been good and is opening new doors for Milford Food Bank to grow. Come along side us to support God's work in our communities.

Contact Us

Mailing Address

PO Box 116, Milford, IN 46542

Physical Address

111 South James Street, Milford, IN 46542

Email Address

Milford Food Bank is not a pantry that distributes food to individuals. We provide food to food pantries and organizations. If you are an individual looking for help getting food, please contact your local food pantry.

Thank you for reaching out. We'll be in touch.

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