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We are expanding our mission!

Our mission is to show God's love by providing food to our local communities.  To do this, we need space.  We are excited to announce the next phase in the growth of Milford Food Bank!

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PO Box 116

Milford, IN 46542

Our local communities throughout Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan are suffering.  Employment rates are dropping.  Food costs have risen and remain high from inflation.  Wages aren't meeting the higher cost of food bills.  Drugs and addictions continue to tear families apart.  To meet the increased needs in our communities and to continue to be able to reach new communities, we need to increase our warehouse and distribution capacity.  


At the same time Milford Food Bank is continuing to find more local small businesses, retail stores and wholesale warehouses that are increasingly interested in partnering with us to help rescue food they would otherwise have to throw away.  Additional warehouse space will help us to store and distribute this additional product. 

Why are we doing this?

What are we doing?

Milford Food Bank has been gifted property directly across the street to expand into.  Our current proposal will allow for an additional 11,000 sq ft of additional warehouse and processing space.  Being across the road makes inventory management and distribution simpler and more efficient.  

Our goal is to be able to double the distribution of product to our partners.  We currently distribute over 350,000 pounds of food a month.  We hope that this expansion and the efficiencies it provides will allow us to distribute up to 700,000 pounds of food a month.  Doing this we might be able to touch the lives of nearly 100,000 individuals throughout our communities.  


To make this building a reality we will need to raise $1,000,000.  This includes the construction of the building as well as finishing an updated processing area for bulk foods, a new indoor refrigeration/freezer section and loading docks.  

What is the goal?

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help:

  1. Pray for us as we grow.

  2. Become a Corporate Partner in building our new warehouse.

    • Contact Bill Doege (260) 361-1441​

  1. Donate directly to Milford Food Bank.

  2. Donate your services.

    • ​Contact Bill Doege (260) 361-1441​​

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